Bentley Continental GTC

  • Mileage Included: 100

The bentley continental gtc is a new four-seat convertible that completes the continental model range alongside the continental gt coupe and the continental flying spur sedan. Based on the continental gt coupe, the continental gtc offers the element of open-top motoring with the performance and style of the continental gt. With looks different from the continental gt coupe, the continental gtc has a compact soft-top and a longer rear deck. As with all bentleys, the interior is a showcase of exquisite design and craftsmanship with a classic mix of leather hides and wood veneers to create a contemporary but timeless appearance. A bentley wouldn’t be a bentley without a striking interior. No fewer than 10 bullhides go into the interior. Seven different wood veneers are available to complement the leather, including oak, ash, and walnut. Tour guide lofkin cringes at the cars that are ordered with a piano black veneer, as there’s a beautiful wood underneath that spends the same 30 days curing as do the patterned burls.