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BMW Rental in Los Angeles

If you are interested in renting a BMW in Los Angeles, look no further than the luxury rental options at Lion Heart Lifestyles. We offer a wide variety of high-end cars for our clients, giving you the selection that you deserve at a price that you can appreciate. The BMW brand is known across the world as one of the premier passenger vehicle brands, and are designed for those who appreciate subtle beauty and attention to detail.

If you are looking for a rental option that gives you the perfect combination of class and style, our selection of BMWs might be the answer for you. Take a look below to learn more about the BMW brand, as well as some of the options that we have available for you to rent as soon as possible.

Our BMW Rentals

Below are just a sample of the BMW options you have to choose from at our Los Angeles office. We are constantly adding new vehicles to our fleet in order to give our clients the best selection possible for high end, luxury and exotic car rentals. Contact us now to speak with a representative about all of the available BMW options that you have to choose from, and get into the car that suits your needs exactly.

BMW 740i

The 740i is BMW’s flagship sedan, powered by a stunning 400-horsepower, twin turbo V8 engine built in a remarkably comfortable, roomy body. The chassis is made of a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum, and high-tensile steel to offer the lightest 7-series body ever made, while providing the passengers with a smooth ride with minimal vibration. The updated 740i includes the BMW iDrive, an advanced infotainment system that allows the driver and passenger to have simple and complete control over their media environment from the center console. In addition, iDrive now incorporates hand gestures and touchless controls using an advanced 3d scanner.

One interesting, subtle feature of the 7-series is in the grill: the shutters of the iconic BMW open and close automatically in order to deliver air to the high-powered engine only when required, otherwise remaining closed in order to maximize the vehicle’s aerodynamics and minimize drag.


For our clients looking for something powerful, highly stylish, and comfortable, the M4 might be the perfect option. Boasting a 425-hp twin turbo inline V6 with rear-wheel drive, the M-series is BMW’s flagship line of powerful 2-door coupes. The M4 has 2 additional passenger seats in the back, but if you are looking for power and performance instead of space for extra passengers, the M4 might be the perfect option for you.

Wrapped in leather and carbon fiber trim, the interior of the M4 offers incredible comfort and style, with an advanced Harmon-Kardon surround sound system, ventilated seats, and the BMW iDrive media system for simple controls.

This luxury sports coupe is perfect for powering up the PCH with the windows down and the music blasting, or for pulling up to your favorite restaurant in style before tossing the key-fob to the valet.

BMW i8

The i8 is BMWs plug-in hybrid supercar, with stunning speed and power in a revolutionary package with eco-friendly technology. This vehicle is a symbol of progress, with uncompromising attention to detail, the classic BMW comfort and class, with modern and technology-focused updates for an environmentally-conscious consumer with high standards.

This car doesn’t just look fast — it is fast. The hybrid gas-electric engine is a turbocharged 3-cylinder that tops out at 357 horsepower alongside an unbelievable 75 miles per gallon. Take this futuristic car from 0-60 in as little as 4.2 seconds.

A History of BMW

BMW was founded in 1916 in Munich, Bavaria, which is now in the southeast of Germany. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke in German or Bavarian Motor Works in English. Originally, BMW was an aircraft motor producer, and did not begin making vehicles until 1928. Given the timing and location of BMW’s founding and production facilities, it is no surprise that there is a history of controversy with the company’s involvements in both World War I and World War II, but this does not take away from the fact that the evolution of the company has led to some of the finest vehicles in the world.

The BMW logo has remained mostly unchanged since it was introduced in 1917, and borrows the blue and white from the colors of the Bavarian flag. Traditionally, it was believed that the BMW logo was intended to illustrate an aircraft propeller against a blue sky, but this was not used in advertising until 12 years after the logo was created, so the true origin is uncertain. The logo has remained relatively unchanged since it was first introduced, with only very minor stylistic adjustments over the years.

Since its inception, BMW has continually evolved and focused on creating high-quality vehicles with classic, well-thought German engineering principles. The BMW slogan “The Ultimate Driving Machine” summarizes this motivation clearly, and each time a BMW driver turns on the well-tuned engine, they can clearly understand how beneficial all of this focus on quality is to the experience of operating a BMW.

Contact Us Today To Rent a BMW

No matter what type of driving experience you are looking for, Lion Heart Lifestyles has an option for you. We have a wide range of BMW options to choose from and will be more than happy to get you into the vehicle that suits your needs.

We are conveniently located in Beverly Hills and are here to make BMW rental experience in Los Angeles as seamless and enjoyable as possible. All of our vehicles are meticulously detailed at our in-house studio, inspected before each rental, and given to you with the expectation that you will have a flawless experience with the BMW of your choice. Contact us today to discuss a one-time rental, or the perks of membership such as instant RSVP at our Los Angeles location for any of our high-end, luxury car rentals.