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Cadillac Escalade Rental Los Angeles

When you want to cruise around Los Angeles, you want to do it in style, whether you’re heading to the beach, to Hollywood, or taking a cruise on the Pacific Coast Highway. And if it’s style you want, then you want the Cadillac Escalade.

The Escalade is large and in charge, and it’s like driving a luxury penthouse on wheels. From the commanding driving position to the opulent interior, the Escalade is the place to be when you’re traveling from A to B. And the place to rent one for yourself is Lionheart Lifestyle. Contact us when you’re ready to ride clean and supreme.

Cadillac Escalade: First Generation

It seems hard to believe, but the Escalade is actually Cadillac’s first attempt at making an SUV and while it is a runaway success now, it started out with an extremely humble origin. In 1999, the SUV market really started to take off and full-size SUV’s were flying out of showrooms and dealership lots. That seems like an entire world away, now that we’re currently in the crossover craze, but that is what the end of the 20th century was like.

The Lincoln Navigator was the reigning full-size SUV at the time when General Motors decided that they wanted a piece of the luxury SUV pie. As a result, the Escalade was rushed through the design process before making it to Cadillac showrooms. However, the term design process might be something of an exaggeration, because the first Escalade was nothing more than a rebadged GMC Yukon Denali.

The interior did receive a more luxurious upgrade over the Denali, but a slightly prettier interior wasn’t enough to overcome the pitiful 255 HP, which is pretty low for a vehicle that large. Lower still was the first generation Escalade’s fuel chugging 11 MPG. Despite those shortcomings, the Escalade was a success, even though there was clearly a lot of room for improvement.

Second Generation

Cadillac Escalade 2nd Generation
Cadillac Escalade 2002

The first generation Escalade lasted for just two model years, 1999 – 2000. Cadillac decided to skip 2001 to make some substantial upgrades, and when the second generation Escalade debuted in 2002, everyone got to see the fruits of Cadillac’s labor. What they saw was a luxury SUV with a much more distinct design that was not reminiscent of any other large SUV in the GM stable. 

The second generation Escalade also came in a variety of different models: there was the standard length Escalade; a short wheelbase version; there was also the Escalade EXT, which was a four-door, luxury pickup truck. The latter was an odd choice for the market, but like all the other Escalade models, it was a success, though it’s unlikely that you would see one at a construction site. The new Escalades also came with a substantial increase in power across all the available engine types. The rear-wheel-drive models had an increase to 285 HP, which further increased to 295 HP in 2004. The all-wheel-drive models featured the high output Vortec V8 that had 345 HP. That engine eventually became the standard across all models in 2005.

The second generation Escalade SUVs also featured third-row seating (which was absent in the EXT of course), as well as a boost in technology and luxurious accouterments. The Platinum version of the Escalade SUV came with TV monitors in the second and third rows, heated and cooled seats and cup holders. All those features soon became standard. Chrome wheels and chrome grills were also standard on that model, as well as ebony, shale, and leather materials on the interior. Overall, the second-generation Escalade was a huge—and highly successful—leap forward.

Third Generation

The second generation lasted from 2002 – 2006, and this time, Cadillac didn’t skip a year because the third generation launched in 2007. The Escalade got an even more drastic design change since it featured Cadillac’s new striking angular design. The engine power was also increased to 403 HP because of the new 6.2 Litre Vortec V8 engine. The third generation also saw the introduction of a hybrid model that had a 332 HP engine and two 60 kW electric motors that combined for a total of 379 HP.

The third generation Escalade was available in the same models as the second generation, so that includes the standard version, the long wheelbase ESV, and the EXT pickup truck version. The standard versions feature heated front and second-row seats, climate control, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and a top-of-the-line audio system with a six-disc CD changer. Yes, a CD changer was desirable just a little over ten years ago: time—and technology—really flies. 

The Platinum trim adds a DVD player, a rearview camera, sat nav system, power retractable running boards, improved leather fittings, and more heating and cooling for the seats and cup holders. The Escalade would receive numerous improvements this generation that included a power tilt steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, a seating capacity increase to eight, improved airbags, and in a nod to modern—at the time—technology, a USB port in the center console.

Fourth Generation

Cadillac Escalade 2019
Cadillac Escalade 2018

Cadillac’s current angular design philosophy reached its apex with the 2015 debut of the fourth generation Escalade. This is the current version of the Escalade and it is only offered in the SUV version, so there is no pickup truck version this time. There are also no other engine options besides the 6.3 liter Eco Tec3 V8 engine that puts out 420 HP. The handling is improved thanks to the new Magnetic Ride Control system that can switch between Tour and Sport modes.

On the inside, the Escalade received a substantial upgrade in technology since it now has an infotainment system like many modern vehicles. This system is called Cadillac CUE (Cadillac User Experience) and it features 3D maps, voice recognition, Bluetooth connectivity, and Apple Carplay. In 2014, a surround view camera and 4G LTE connectivity were added. The interior also now consists of wood and leather handcrafted materials for an improved level of luxury.

Cadillac has made myriad improvements and changes, both big and small, to the fourth generation Escalade over the years. These include various new colors and trims, upgrades to the CUE system, a DVD system, a lane assist feature, and various minor styling changes. All those improvements and alterations have led to the Escalade as it is today, one of the most popular American SUVs on the roads.

Rent an Escalade Today

The Escalade is one of the best ways to cruise around Los Angeles in style. That is especially the case if you have a big entourage with you because there is enough room to comfortably accommodate everyone in your squad. So, whether you’re by yourself or in a group, contact Lionheart Lifestyle to find out just why a Cadillac Escalade Rental in Los Angeles is the choice for you.