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Infiniti Rental Los Angeles

Infiniti is the luxury offshoot of the Nissan car company. That means that most of the Infiniti line of vehicles are actually restyled Nissan vehicles, but that doesn’t mean that Infinitis are just Nissans in fancy dress. They are redesigned and upgraded to give drivers the upmarket driving experience they would expect from any other luxury brand. If you want to get a better idea of what Infiniti is all about, then rent the G37 Coupe from Lion Heart Lifestyle. You will quickly see why Infiniti has what it takes to hang with the other luxury auto brands.

History of Infiniti

The Infiniti brand started in 1989 as a way for Nissan to target a more exclusive strata of consumers. The mainstream Nissan vehicles were not a good choice for that segment of drivers because they had a reputation in America as more staid and affordable vehicles. Chances are that a more expensive, luxurious Nissan vehicle would be seen as off-brand by many. So, Infiniti was formed to fill that niche. This occurred at around the same time that Toyota and Honda were launching more luxury-oriented spin-offs as well, in the Lexus and Acura brands, respectively.

Even though Nissan did not have a reputation as a luxury automaker in America, they made all kinds of vehicles, including luxury and sporty models, in their native Japan. Some of those Japanese luxury vehicles were rebadged and restyled to become Infinitis. The first Infiniti model, the Q45 is an example of this tactic because it was a badge-engineered Nissan President, a luxury vehicle only available in Japan. The size and luxury level of the Q45 put it in the same class as vehicles like the Mercedes S-Class, Audi A8, BMW 7 Series, and Jaguar XJ.

The M30 was the second Infiniti and it was a badge-engineered Nissan Leopard, another vehicle exclusive to Japan. It was a coupe, though a convertible model followed soon after. Neither of these debut vehicles is exactly unforgettable luxury icons, but they were a good start and a way for Infiniti to get their foot in the door.

Infiniti in the 1990s

It would be a while before Infiniti had any discernible effect on the luxury car market because sales were slow in the 90s despite the fact that they kept introducing new models. The first new model they introduced was the G20, a mid-size four-door sedan based on the Nissan Primera, a vehicle only available in Japan and Europe. A few years later, they introduced the J30, another four-door coupe, this one based on the third-generation Nissan Leopard.

One of the problems with the early Infiniti vehicles is that they did not have the luxurious features that buyers in that market expected. The designs were bland and the interiors did not feature the wood and chrome seen in other luxury vehicles. Instead, Infiniti opted for vinyl and leather with the occasional wood accent. Additionally, their vehicles were marketed poorly, which meant that many buyers would choose one of Infiniti’s rivals instead. That is why their sales were lower than their rivals at Lexus and Acura.

The cars also didn’t handle as well as their rivals. The second-generation G20 debuted in the late 90s and was meant to be a rival to cars like the BMW 3 Series, but it weighed more than the original G20, which meant that no one took it seriously. Infiniti was a step ahead of their rivals in one area; they launched the QX4 SUV in 1996, making it one of the very first luxury SUVs. However, it was just a gussied up Nissan Pathfinder that cost a few thousand dollars more.

Infiniti in the Early 2000s

The Infiniti brand nearly died in the early 2000s because of slow sales and a stagnant economy in Japan. The company knew that they had to do something to turn their fortunes around: enter the G35. Instead of being based on a boring sedan, the G35 was based on the Nissan 350Z, a well-received sport coupe that was sold all over the world, including America. The G35 also came in a sedan version, but that one was based on the Nissan Skyline, a far more exciting sports sedan. The G35 sold well and improved Infiniti’s sales quite a bit.

Infiniti continued their sales success with the FX35 and FX45, both of which were crossover SUVs that replaced the unloved QX4. Unlike the Pathfinder based QX4, the FX models were designed more for on-road driving than off-road adventuring. Considering how popular crossovers remain to this day, it is not much of a surprise that the FX was a success. Its more interesting design helped, but it also had a lane departure warning system, a passenger vehicle first.

During this period, Infiniti also launched the M series of vehicles. They were midsize sedans designed to compete with similar vehicles from Mercedes-Benz and BMW. They were well-reviewed by the automotive press but failed to sell well. Nonetheless, Infiniti was on an upswing after nearly facing extinction just a few years earlier.

Infiniti in the Present

After their initial struggles, Infiniti is in a better place now. Their vehicles are now seen as their own unique thing instead of merely being slightly upmarket Nissans. Their rivals at Lexus and Acura still sell better, but at least Infiniti now has respect that it once lacked. They also now have a much-simplified naming scheme than before; whereas Infinitis would use all manner of different letters to differentiate their models, now all sedans will have the letter Q followed by a number, while SUVs will use the letters QX. Now that they are making cars that people actually want, it looks like Infiniti is here to stay.

Infiniti G37 Coupe

The G37 debuted in 2013, but it can match any sports coupe on the road today. It’s also available in sedan and convertible forms, but the coupe is the best of the three. The G37 is a great mid-level luxury vehicle because it offers a nice range of amenities while also giving drivers a fun driving experience in a surprisingly quick vehicle. The G37 Coupe has a 330 HP V6 engine that accelerates the car to 60 MPH in about five seconds.

You’ll be zipping around the G37 in comfort too since the heated eight-way power seats feature lumbar support and a memory setting that remembers the driver’s preferences. The G37 also features a tilt steering wheel to further increase driver comfort. The G37 is not the most dynamic looking vehicle, but its design blends sportiness with an understated elegance. It is the ultimate in low-key—but still potent—excitement.

Rent The Infiniti G37 Coupe Today!

Infiniti has made great strides since their inauspicious introduction into the marketplace, and the G37 Coupe is proof of that. It is a slick coupe that offers a nice blend of mid-level luxury and excitement. So, if you are into something more low-key than a supercar, but more exciting than an econo-box, then come down to Lion Heart Lifestyle and take the G37 Coupe for a spin.