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Private Jet Rental Los Angeles

In recent years, flying has become a huge hassle for most people. Some reasons are understandable, such as the increased number of security checks. Other reasons are just because making an extra buck is the top priority for the airline. That is why seat legroom is getting smaller, why flights get overbooked, and why there are now additional fees for carry-on luggage. Yes, flying can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be.

Chartering a private jet takes you back to a time when flying was a glamorous affair, as opposed to something travelers have to endure before arriving at their destination. A private jet brings back the grandeur of flying, but it is catered just for you, so you won’t have to worry about competing for attention with any other passengers. If you want to experience the best way to travel by air, then charter a private jet from Lion Heart Lifestyle, so that you can fly in the lap of luxury.

Is A Private Jet Better Than First Class On an Airline?

Undoubtedly, first class can be great, but ultimately the crew is there to serve at the behest of the airline. With a private jet, everyone is there to serve you since you—and not an airline—are their only priority. Even with the most expensive business class option, you are still at the mercy of limitations imposed on you by the airline. With a private jet, you get a more customized and personalized experience that is tailored just for you. That includes the schedule as well.

If you’re running late because of a longer than expected meeting or for any other reason, then there is a chance that you can miss your flight no matter how much you paid for your seat. With a private jet, you can just call and ask them to delay the flight until you get there. Another advantage of a private jet is the private part.

The more luxurious commercial airlines offer suites that provide passengers with a certain degree of privacy. However, that does not remotely compare to an entire plane that is reserved just for you. So, there is no comparison: a private jet is unquestionably superior to even the most opulent first-class experience available. And that is just scratching the surface, there are even more and better advantages to a private jet charter.

You Get To Set Your Own Schedule

While there are some limitations to setting your own itinerary with a private jet, for the most part, you can set the departure time to whenever you desire. Since airlines are beholden to their own schedule, there is nothing you can do if that schedule does not align with yours. Since private jets can use smaller airports, they have a lot more flexibility in scheduling and can get passengers to their destination much more quickly.

This is particularly useful for passengers who only need to stay at a destination for a short amount of time. It is much easier to charter a jet for arrival and departure within a twenty-four hour period than it is to find a corresponding schedule on a commercial airline. There is also the fact that private jet passengers can get through security far more quickly than commercial passengers, even those passengers with a Trusted Traveler status. This can make getting in and out of the airport a more painless affair.

You Can Customize Your Meals

You can choose whatever type of meal you want on a private jet; from meals that follow a specific diet plan to your favorite breakfast cereal, even food from your preferred fast food joint is on the table, you just need to make the request up front. So, whether you want a five-star meal or you are just craving some comfort food, a private jet can cater to your culinary needs. And you can choose to eat whenever you want instead of waiting for the airline to decide when you can have a bag of honey roasted peanuts.

Private Jets Are More Convenient 

Private jets can land and take off at any airport, including ones that may be closer to your destination than one of the large, busy hub airports that serve multiple commercial airlines. Even if you use one of those airports, you will not be using the standard departure procedures as everyone else. Instead, private flyers will depart from an FBO (Fixed Base of Operations), which is a small facility associated with the airport. The FBO allows passengers to skip the usual security procedures that commercial passengers have to go through.

A private jet is also better for large groups of people. If a group wants to take a trip together, then they need to buy separate seats for everyone. With a private jet, the one plane can be chartered for everyone and they can all sit where they want. You can also take whatever you want on a private jet provided that it can fit, like sports or recreational equipment. The care and maintenance of luggage is another advantage of private jets since you never have to worry about it getting damaged or arriving at a different destination than you.

Whatever you want also includes pets, so you can bring your furry friends on the jet without any hassle. Not all commercial planes allow pets on board and those that do require them to be placed in the cargo hold. That can be an anxiety-inducing situation for pet and owner alike. On a private jet, your pet can stay in the cabin right next to you.

Choose The Kind Of Plane That You Want

Do you need a large jet that can accommodate a lot of people? Or do you prefer a smaller, more intimate cabin? When you charter a jet, you have an array of options to choose from. So you can decide on what kind of interior you like, the amenities that you want, and the number of seats that you need. Lion Heart Lifestyle gives travelers many different kinds of jets to choose from, so no matter your style or preference, you will be able to find one that matches it.

The Plane Is All Yours

Private means that you can do nearly anything you want without interruption. So, if you need to conduct an important meeting, then you can do so in peace and quiet. You can get up and walk around during the flight, you can party with your friends, watch TV, play video or board games, or blast your favorite music. It’s all up to you. And possibly (definitely) best of all: no lines for the restroom.

Charter a Private Jet For Your Trip Today

As you can see, a private jet is better than first class on a commercial airline in every way. From the convenience to the personal customization, a private jet is the best way to fly. And you can find the best fleet of private jets at Lion Heart Lifestyle. We have a wide array of aircraft along with the highly trained, experienced crew to serve your needs. So, before you think about buying that first-class ticket, charter a private jet rental in Los Angeles from Lion Heart Lifestyle instead.