Jets - King Air 905

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Since the first one was produced in 1964, the King Air has become something of an icon, with a reputation for low operating costs, durability and ruggedness. But just like a sport utility, it can be equipped with luxury fittings to complement its more adventurous side. Here’s a breakdown on the costs to buy and operate one. Over 7,000 King Airs have been sold since that first one rolled out, so they are well known around the world, and there’s a good support network. You will find individuals, companies and governments using them in 105 countries. In addition to their business use they’ve been employed as air ambulances, as trainers, in the military and for surveillance among other tasks. The King Air 350i is a twin turboprop aircraft, produced by Beechcraft, which is now part of Textron aviation (also the parent company of Cessna). The other aircraft in the family include the smaller King Air 250, the King Air C90GTx and an extended range King Air 350ER.