Maserati Ghibli

  • Mileage Included: 100

First and foremost is the addition of a new suite of safety devices. As much as the fabulously well-to-do who shop at this price point – the 2018 ghibli starts at $85,050 and stretches past 100 large – might buy the maser because it is more exotic than a mere bimmer or merc, they’ll only re-up if it also meets their expectations for basic transport. So as much as it seems incongruous to mention maserati in the same sentence as self-driving, maserati’s head of product planning, roberto corradi, is most proud that the new ghibli has now reached level ii autonomy. In addition to the now normal suite of lane departure warnings and forward collision warning, the 2018 model adds adaptive cruise control with highway assist, active blind spot assist and even active lane keeping.

Indeed, in true italian fashion, there almost seems a passion, if you will, to maserati’s safety nannies, the ghibli’s lane keeping program – which automatically steers the car back into the lane when it sense that it’s drifting out of it” lane – particularly enthusiastic in it’s reaction to errant driving. Of all the lane keeping programs I’ve tested, the ghibli’s put the most resistance to lane changing without signaling; maserati may be late for the party, but they certainly are committed.