• Mileage Included: 100

Of all the cars on the road, there is only one that does not – in fact, cannot – aim to be more like any other car. For generations, its mission has been to elevate the automobile and its driver to a level of capability, comfort and confidence unmatched by anything already in existence. Leading the industry means following only the imagination of its creators. The debut of an all-new s class is more than a hopeful prediction of tomorrow. It’s a visionary preview of it, today. For 2014, it elevates vision to sight, reflex to instinct, comfort to well-being, convenience to effortlessness, and enjoyment to elation. A leader cannot aspire to be like anything else. The aim of the s class has always been to inspire. With an abundance of groundbreaking advances in luxury, safety and driving ease, the s 550 moves the entire industry forward. A more potent 449 hp biturbo v 8 makes rapid progress you can enjoy purely for yourself. Standard airmaticĀ® adaptivesuspension and 19” amg wheels transform power into poise over any road. Its lavishly crafted cabin offers unheard-of luxury in hushed comfort. And its stronger, lighter, sleeker body is both undeniably new, and unmistakably an s class.