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If you want a unique driving (riding?) experience and you don’t mind—or even enjoy—standing out, then we have the vehicle that is perfect for you. The Polaris Slingshot is one of the more original vehicles you will ever see. This three-wheeled hybrid of a car and a motorcycle is like nothing else on the road. It is a one-of-a-kind vehicle that will have fellow motorists and pedestrians oohing and aahing as you cruise on by. If you are ready to be the center of attention wherever you go, then head to Lion Heart Lifestyle so that you can rent one of the most interesting vehicles in our inventory.

The History of Polaris


Polaris is an American company based in Minnesota and they have a lot of experience building vehicles for land, sea, and snow, making them one of the more versatile vehicle manufacturers in the world. Their company actually started making non-wheeled vehicles since they started out making snowmobiles. In fact, they were pioneers in the manufacture of these vehicles since the company that would become Polaris created the first production snowmobile in 1956.

In order to prove its viability, the company’s founder, Edgar Hetteen, and three of his friends embarked on a 1200 mile trip across the Alaskan wilderness on their snowmobiles. The journey took 21 days and proved that snowmobiles were a great way of traversing snowy terrain. Polaris had great success making snowmobiles even among increasing competition from other companies who followed their lead. 

All-Terrain Vehicles

Polaris would go on to become one of the leading snowmobile manufacturers in the world, but they were not satisfied with being limited to the snow. So, in 1985, they made the Trail Boss, one of the first ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) to be made in America. Once again, they enjoyed a lot of success and have greatly expanded their lineup to include a greater variety of ATVs.

These include vehicles that are more car-like, with seats and steering wheels—called side-by-sides in ATV parlance—which make them more accessible to people who may not be comfortable riding the more motorcycle-like ATVs. Side-by-sides have proven to have a lot of use as service vehicles for fire and rescue, law enforcement, military applications, parks management, and for public works. Their nimble handling, small size, and ability to handle all manner of perilous terrain make them uniquely well suited for those uses.


With their mastery of four-wheeled vehicles having been definitively affirmed, Polaris set on with the conquering of the two-wheel realm. In 1998, they created the Victory brand of motorcycles. This brand was created to take advantage of the recent, renewed popularity of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Victory was Polaris’ attempt to create a brand that would eventually have the same pedigree as Harley-Davidson and other all American motorcycle brands.

To that end, Victory offered V-twin engined motorcycles in the cruising, touring, and sport-touring categories. These heavier, American style motorcycles were a stark contrast to the sportier, lighter sportbikes from Japan and Italy. Victory enjoyed strong sales early on and went on to manufacture over a dozen, highly regarded motorcycles during its existence. Victory was briefly profitable for a few years starting in 2002, but ultimately the company was simply unprofitable. In 2017, Victory began winding down operations and ultimately Polaris discontinued the brand.

However, their efforts were not for naught as Polaris had purchased the Indian motorcycle company in 2011. Indian is a motorcycle company that has a lot of history and nostalgia behind it. Through this brand, Polaris was better able to capture the emotion and feelings people associate with venerable motorcycle brands like Harley-Davidson. Currently, the revived Indian brand has ten motorcycles in its lineup and is considered to be a success story for Polaris.

Other Vehicles

Polaris acquired French quadricycle maker Aixam-Mega in 2013 and continues to manufacture their vehicles. A quadricycle is an EU (European Union) term for what is essentially a very small car. Currently, the vehicles of Aixam-Mega are only sold in Europe, with no plans to bring them to America. Polaris has also acquired several boat companies, which essentially makes them the masters of the land and the sea. Now all they need to do is acquire a company that makes flying vehicles and they will be complete.

Polaris Slingshot

The Slingshot launched in 2014 and is, without a doubt, the most original vehicle in Polaris’ line. The Slingshot is a cross between an ATV and a motorcycle, and Polaris’ mastery of both those types of vehicles means that they were uniquely qualified to make the Slingshot. So what is the Slingshot? It is a three-wheeled vehicle with two wheels in the front and one in the back. It has side-by-side bucket seats and doesn’t have a roof or doors. It is a true hybrid of a motorcycle and an ATV and it is completely street legal.

It also looks like a vehicle straight from the future. Aside from the basic shape, the Slingshot features sharp, angular lines that make it look like a cross between a go-cart and some escapee from a video game. It definitely leaves an impression on onlookers. It leaves a good impression on drivers too. The Slingshot uses a 173HP engine which might not seem like much, but the vehicle weighs less than a ton, so the power to weight ratio is better than that in many performance cars. That gives it surprisingly fast acceleration of 0 to 60MPH in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 130MPH. No matter how fast you decide to drive the Slingshot, it will feel faster because of the open-air design.

That means you will be able to enjoy the breeze as you drive, but that’s not the only thing you will be able to enjoy while driving. The Slingshot has a surprisingly well-equipped cabin, there’s no need to worry about a spartan interior here. You get a nice infotainment system that provides Bluetooth connectivity and a huge touchscreen that is responsive even if you’re wearing thick gloves. You can also enjoy a booming stereo system from Rockford Fosgate on the high-end models.

The seats are comfortable and can fit all body types, though admittedly getting into them can be a bit of a challenge. Once you do manage to get in, you will be gratified to know that the seatbelts do an excellent job of keeping you firmly strapped in. You will be safe and secure even when taking the sharpest corners. If you are worried about safety, there is no need to because the Slingshot has anti-roll bars that protect occupants in the event of a rollover.

License and Helmet Requirements

As stated earlier, the Slingshot is street legal, but its classification is different in certain states. In most states, it is classified as an autocycle and so only a driver’s license is needed to drive one. Some states classify it as a motorcycle so the corresponding licence is required. California is one of the autocycle classified states so as long as you have a driver’s license, you are fine. That classification also means that a helmet is not necessary when driving the Slingshot in case you were wondering.

Rent a Polaris Slingshot Today!

Driving the Slingshot is a unique experience that cannot be missed. It is not everyday that you get to drive a cross between a motorbike, an ATV, and an automobile. But visit Lion Heart Lifestyle and you can. So, drop by and rent the Polaris Slingshot to get the ride of a lifetime.