• Mileage Included: 100

The Ghost is a Rolls-Royce to take when the parking is tighter and the chauffeur’s got the day off. Smaller, in the same way a tanker is to a supertanker, the Ghost keeps Rolls-Royce’s imperious manner, but hides it behind slightly more bluff edges and not quite as aggrandising a front grille.

Indeed, driven and specified conservatively, the Ghost doesn’t even draw that much attention from other drivers or passers-by. And those that do notice it don’t react with fury and vitriol, as they might to a Ferrari, Lamborghini or, perhaps, Rolls Phantom, but with respect and deference.

You get let out of side-turnings, and nobody dare tailgate you. After all, you might be some lesser-known royal and therefore worthy of a measure of respect. Or you could have them killed.

Coming from a company that still refers to its products as ‘motor cars’ the Ghost retains old-world charm and luxury despite being largely based on the last-generation BMW 7 Series. You’d never know it, though. Besides the iDrive infotainment system (which you can hide away with the press of a button) there is no obvious component sharing. They don’t drive alike either – the Rolls opting for comfort and waftiness over “The Ultimate Driving Machine’s” gauche and unstatesmanlike sportiness. How very vulgar.